Medical grade LVN Surgical Stainless jewelry and needles insure your piercings have the best chance to heal properly, with the LOWEST risk of infections and scarring possible.

Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado for over 10 years at 2344 South Academy Boulevard.  In the Gateway shopping center, corner of Astrozon and Academy, behind the Papa Murphy's pizza.  With that kind of track record you can be sure to get GREAT TATTOOS AND PIERCINGS. Trust us to give you the BEST VALUE in body modification that you'll find anywhere in Colorado Springs, or beyond!  With us, your satisfaction and LIFE-LONG happiness are in the hands of skilled, qualified professionals.

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We've built our reputation on excellence in tattoos and piercings, with a constant focus on serving you, our customers.

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Hot Rod's artists have been tattooing for over 10 years!

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-over 35 years combined experience at one shop!

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Professional artists use STERILE equipment, years of experience, proper training, and QUALITY materials to deliver a finished piece of art in your skin that will last a LIFETIME!

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Healing instructions are available for all body modifications that we offer giving you written instructions to ensure  a SAFE and QUALITY experience.