Why choose Hotrod Tattoo? Simple. We concentrate on quality work, while many others are more concerned with getting paid, to get you in and out of their door as quickly as possible. We take the needed time others don't often take to ensure our customer gets exactly what they want, executed with a level of professionalism that has given us continuous and constant five-star ratings on Google. With 30+ years of experience, and 10+ years in the same location, we not only know body modification and art well, but we are one of very few Tattoo & Body Piercing shops that are licensed and regularly inspected by the El Paso County Colorado Department Of Health with a flawless record. We are each individually trained, award-winning and more than capable of doing multiple styles including but not limited to, custom, black & grey & full-color pieces. When it comes to piercing, we use only high-quality Surgical Stainless Steel or Titanium with zero nickel content and can do anything from "common" piercings, to specialty, dermal, surface to surface & genital piercings. All of our equipment is sterile and high quality in order to give you a finished piece of art that will last a lifetime.